I can’t wait to meet you in heaven!

Author: Christi
Baby Name: David

Precious David (my aborted child),

I am so sorry that I cut your life short. I know that you are in heaven communing with your Heavenly Father! I take great comfort in that knowledge and have hope (certainty) that one day we will meet there. I love you and am assured that you love me. I am completely confident in the amazing fact that God has forgiven me for what I denied you of. Not only was my sin against you, but it was against my Lord. He has rescued me from myself because He loves me…He is my beautiful Savior!
Even though your life was so short (about two months in the womb), it has been very powerful. I don’t know how many lives have been touched because of you. But, I suspect God has told you.

I used to be fearful of meeting you. I love you so much and am very excited to meet you one day!

You are my precious son, David…

Love, Mommy