I love you

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: October
Abortion Date: Feb 27 2019

You are not gone. I carry you in my heart forever. You are loved and were very much wanted. I know this was the right choice considering how things played out with me and your father.

Your life here would’ve been marred with struggle, racism, poverty, unstable household, and no doubt violence committed against you from a country that would’ve hated you the moment you were born simply cause the skin you were born in… this country is a place I do not want to raise my children, I could not have you with a man that couldnt provide and protect us. I would’ve loved to be your mother if I had the resources and support I needed and wanted. I know in my heart you understand and were loved. I struggled with the choice for days, as you well know and can see from the realm of spirit.

But now I have peace, knowing that we will have another chance. A better chance on account of me making better choices in the future. I love you. Forever.