I love you

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Max
Birth Date: 6/8/20
Abortion Date: 28/12/19

Dear Baby,

Only a little over a week since we were together, since I last felt you, since I last spoke to you. I’m so sorry my little angel, your daddy and I weren’t ready for you, and we didn’t want you to come into this world to feel anything short of love and the feeling of being wanted. But that doesn’t change my feelings for you, never will, as I felt you inside me so early.

I don’t know which gender you would have been, but I feel like you were a boy. So I have named you Max, because no matter how small you were you will always take a maximum spot in my heart. Remember when we took that flight home for Christmas together, or that long car journey to go see your dad? I felt you with me, I talked to you, you kept me company. I’ll never forget those memories, and the tears I cried for you because I knew you would not be with me for long. I wish so much that I could have held you, I would have loved you with all my heart and I still do.

You were real, no matter what they say, and I love you. I hope I see you in Heaven my sweet pea ❤️
Love your Mummy