I love you so much

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: January 2019
Abortion Date: July 12,2018

My little baby… the first day I went to get a ultrasound to see how far I was I nearly broke down seeing your little body and little head and little arm. I’m only 18 years old and my life isn’t that good what would I have done with a baby… I have no money I barley have any support from my family and I’m still finding myself, I wanted to run out that hospital and say no I’m keeping my baby!!! But something was holding me back I didn’t wanna disappoint my parents and I was ashamed of what people would think of me and I deeply regret it. God gave you to me and I didn’t deserve you and I am so sorry and even though it’s only been a day I miss you in my belly and I wish I would’ve made a different decision. I hate myself and I hope you know I love you very very much and I don’t hate you! It wasn’t your fault! I wish I could go back in time and change it all. I love you little baby and I know you loved me so much and I let you down, I’m so sorry please forgive me.