i miss you and will forever love you

Author: Sandra
Baby Name: Taylor
Birth Date: July 4
Abortion Date: January 13

There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t thought of you . Having an abortion has been the worst mistake I’ve ever done. You run through my mind constantly. I know ill never get to kiss you when your hurt, hug you when you are sad, or tell you I love you every single day. This has been the most toughest months not having you here. When I first found out about you I did get scared but I also had a moment of excitement too I never knew I could love someone so much with out even seeing them. I was so scared to tell anyone. My family has never really been there for me and I knew they defiantly wouldn’t be there for this so I would have to do this on my own. As for daddy we had just gone back together but I had a really hard and difficult relationship with him. Everything would be great and smiles then in just a second it could all change. The little time I had you hoped to god that you didn’t feel the pain I was in, the tears that would run down my cheeks, or the fear that I had. I hoped that you would just feel the good days. The day I decided to have an abortion was so hard I was already 15 weeks I called and made my appt I cried for hours after that. I went in to my procedure and I wanted to yell stop I don’t want to do this but I knew it was already to late. It was the worst feeling ever to know how I could love you that much and do something to harm you. I have never forgiven myself and not sure if I ever could. You made a mark on my heart and I will forever love you.
XO Mom