I saw him.

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Dalton James
Abortion Date: April 1982


I saw him, our son. Bright brown eyes sitting on a playground picnic table. His short brown hair was glossy in the light. Other children playing around him, a boy with blond shoulder length curly hair ran past and looked at me smiling. Our son sitting with his hands on the table by his thighs, feet dangling, looking at me, studying me. A look of contentment and joy on his face. He looks so much like His brothers, a combination of them. His Miner shaped eyes, round face, sweet smile, and short brown hair. We kept each other’s gaze until I woke up sobbing. A deep longing in my heart to hold him in my arms, kiss his cheeks, and run my fingers through his hair.
He looks so young. I thought,12 years old, though he should be 38 this year. “They get more time to be children in heaven,” God softly spoke to my heart.
I morn for the son that was lost to abortion.