i think of you every single day

Author: Kristi
Baby Name: Lauren Elizabeth
Birth Date: May 2012
Abortion Date: October 2011

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I was 11 weeks pregnant when I had my abortion. At the time I was scared but I was more scared of upsetting my boyfriend at the time then even trying to process what I wanted. I didn’t think about what else I could do that I had other options or that my parents would’ve been okay with it. I struggled for a really long time after the abortion. Me and my boyfriend broke up and I was depressed for a really long time. I went through each stage of the grieving process. But I realized that I made what I thought was the best decision I could at the time. And I’ve named her Lauren Elizabeth. And someday when I start a family I will name my daughter after her. But for now I know that I have a guardian angel who is loved very much and that I will never forget. She’s got my best dog pal Chelsea to play with and my great grandma who I know is keeping her safe. I love you Lauren. You’ve made me stronger than I ever thought I could be. For those of you who are considering or who are struggling know that it is okay and that there will come a day when you find peace. Not that time heals but you learn to know when to be upset and when to be happy.