I was scared to be a shame to my parents

Author: My First Name
Birth Date: August 2013
Abortion Date: December 2012

I was 22 years old, already a mother of a 2 year old that had to be raised in a broken home. I was engaged to my now husband when I found out I was expecting. I cried because it wasn’t suppose to happen. I had been taken Plan B on the occasions condoms weren’t used and I was bad about taking my birth control pill. I was scared to have to tell my parents that here I was pregnant out of wedlock with my second baby from a different relationship. I was scared of my father’s reaction to this the most. I quickly looked into Planned Parenthood about having an abortion. I was early enough to have the abortion pill because if I were further along I would have not gone through the other type of abortion. My fiance agreed to it because we weren’t “ready”. I regret that decision every single day. I wish he would have given me encouraging words or would have told me everything was going to be okay. I didn’t love my baby enough to fight for them to live! I pray to God to forgive me and think of the possibility of one of my toddlers being that baby that didn’t have a chance to come into this world back in 2013. I am now Pro- Life and try to fight for those that are unable to fight for themselves. The pain that is in my heart for that child will never go away. I feel an emptiness whenever I think about my baby.