I was to be your godmother

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Gregory
Birth Date: July 2004
Abortion Date: 2004

I was to be your godmother, little angel. My best friend of over 25 years broke down one night after she had a few glasses of wine, and confessed to me that she had an abortion. It was when her first daughter was about 8 years old. Her small business was starting to boom in southern california, orange co. She was, ‘living the life’. Petite frame, just had a breast augmentation, and life was good. Her justification was that she didn’t have time for another kid… I knew then that she had truly gotten away from the Lord. We cried, and I prayed with and for her that night for hours. Besides her husband, I was the only person she has told. That was 10 years ago. She thought I was going to judge her- condemn her… Although I would have loved to have met my 2nd godchild, and watched him/her grow into another great person like her 18 year old daughter, I would never condemn my bff for this act. What’s done is done and can’t be undone. God has already forgiven you, I told her that night. Who am I to judge? I feel like this abortion has driven a wedge deeper and deeper between my bff and God over the years. Please pray for ‘A’. She fills her time completely up- all 24 hrs in the day. I have a feeling it has to do w/the abortion. I mourn the loss of this, and every aborted child in the world. Lord. pray for us. Thank you for reading.