I will always love you

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Khululeka
Birth Date: January 2024
Abortion Date: May 2023

My dear Baby , I love you soo much, you will forever be a part of me , I did what I did because life is so tough I am still struggling to raise your older brother deep down I wanted to keep you because I know things will get better that I believe but I was forced to because for now I have nothing of my own to my name and the last thing I want was to see you suffer , if only your father gave you a chance and never denied you and ran away I know for sure even if he never loved me at least we would have made it work just to be there for you . it’s only been a week now and still deep down I wish there was another way. Please forgive me my child and know that Everything I do from now on is just to honour you until we meet again. I will do my very best to work hard and be someone financially , I will be more responsible not to let lust or what I thought was love to decive me from making the same mistake again. Please keep an eye on me and your big bro. We will be reunited again in the spiritual realm. I will for ever love you .