I will be forever sorry

Author: Cathy
Abortion Date: 1998

My Dearest Baby,
You would have been 17 years old now. Most days I try not to think of you, as I have put such a wall up so as not to ‘feel’ the pain of the horror of what I have done. I’m so disconnected from that monster I was to make such a choice that ended your life, out of sheer cowardice from shaming my family! I have finally shared my ‘secret’ with my husband and have begun to try and break down the wall of numbness that i have, in order to seek forgiveness from our Lord, you, and and eventually myself. I will carry you in my heart forever and pray that from Heaven above you can forgive me, your Mother, that If given the chance, Id go back and give you life!!! LIFE!!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!