I wish I could have voted to save your precious lives

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: None were named!
Abortion Date: 45+ years ago

I wish I could have voted to save your precious lives!!! I found out a few years ago that my family (Grandpa, Grandma, your Momma, Uncle Mike and Uncle Joe) held a meeting to see if you would live! I wasn’t invited because my mom your grandma said I was no longer a part of the family because I was married. They voted for your momma to abort you! I would have stayed fast and desired to keep your precious life! Your Uncle Rich and I had decided to either raise you as our own or have you and your mommy live with us! Because of the family vote you now have two more cousins with you from Uncle Mike and Uncle Joe! If I had known about them I would have done my best to stop them! There are some second cousins with you also because of the decisions they’ve all made! You also have a brother or sister with you too! I can’t wait until the day we all meet up in heaven a the feet of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I’m truly sorry my family didn’t feel that you and I weren’t part of the family! You and I are all a family, a family who loves each other because we all know life begins at the moment of conception!!! Please give each other big hugs and lots of kisses from me! I’m really looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you! I just Praise God that your all in heaven sitting at the feet of Jesus! I’ll see you all in the blink of an eye! Your loving Aunt Valerie!!!