I wish you were here

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Austin Timothy A.
Birth Date: 4/7/19
Abortion Date: 10/24/18

I think about you every day. Your dad and I weren’t ready to be parents, as selfish as that sounds, we truly weren’t. I was madly in love with your dad, still am to this day, unfortunately I couldn’t make him be a dad when we wasn’t ready. I don’t think anyone can be ready for a baby, I had just bought my first car and I thought that was going to be stressful but to think about having a baby in the mix? I had to do what was best… I wanted you so badly but I knew it wasn’t the time. I always wonder if you were a boy or a girl. I always pictured you as a little boy, your name would have been Austin Timothy A. I hope you don’t hate me… because I love you so much… I hope I get the chance to see you one day, you will always be my baby.

Forever, your mama. ❤️