I wonder who you’d be today

Author: Jina
Baby Name: River
Birth Date: September 2011
Abortion Date: March 2011

The day I knew you were coming to greet us excited me to no end. Wondered what you’d look like, and who did God choose to send. Your mommy told me she could not keep you, I begged her to let you stay. She told me it was her body, her baby, a life she chose to slay. My heart fell to the floor, I could not catch my breath. How could she create you, then pass an unfair sentence of death? Once removing you from her womb, she knew now her choice would be her folly. Angry and depressed she now became, where once she was so jolly. She cried a river of tears, and hence, she found your name. She hated herself for what she had done, and knew exactly who to blame. But the matchless name of God found its way into her heart. He gave her one more chance to do what is right. Now we are expecting your delivery any day now, any minute, any night. She has named you Zachary this time, a little boy she will not keep. She chose for you a family, with a home, lots of love, a warm bed for you to sleep. I know that your mommy loves you now, I know she always has. Rest in peace, my little River, you have come back home through Zach.