If I’d Only Known

Author: Janet
Abortion Date: October 1974

My sweet little one whose face I’ve never known, I wonder if you’ll still be a baby or if you’ll have grown by the time we meet for the first time in Heaven. That fateful day I thought I was doing what was best for you. The tears on my face and the pain in my heart told me otherwise after it was done.

I grew up in a good Christian church. I wish they’d talked about how evil it is to have an abortion, how it is taking the life of another human being and how God will be the loving father each child needs when their earthly father seems not to want them. I am so thankful that I can know you went straight into the arms of Jesus where He showed you your worth and loved you even more than I ever could have but have so longed to.

So there’s been a little empty frame sitting on my dresser, flowers engraved in pewter with a background of deep maroon…but no face…that reminds me each day of you.