If I could turn back time

Author: My First Name

To think anytime now you would be in my arms where you belong breaks me. I wish I had the chance to meet you. I am so so sorry that I thought the best thing to do was get rid of you. I took the easy way out; mummy was a coward and so selfish and I will never forgive myself. Now I have to live knowing what I did to you everyday, but trust me no amount of time could go by that makes this pain any easier. I’d do anything to have you here with me I promise I would have protected you and done absolutely anything for you. You would have been my number one. You still are. I carry you in my heart everyday and even though things between me and your daddy aren’t the way they were when we were expecting you. Trust me when I say we both love you just the same. When I lost you a part of mummy went too; I’ve never been the same. Something will always be missing and that something is you. Carrying you for those 9 weeks and 5 days was the most amazing experience of my life and I cherish those days. Seeing you move and your heart beating is something I will never ever forget. You were apart of me. You always will be. I pray that I can make you proud and be the mummy that you deserved. I’m so sorry that I let you down. You needed me and the truth is, I realize now that I need you too. I love you more than words my perfect angel. Until we meet again❤️