I’m forever sorry

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Baby Jones
Abortion Date: Mid 80's

I hope you will forgive me my sweet daughter, at 7 weeks I was literally drugged and dragged to have you removed from me. I had been homeless once with your 6 year old brother and was so afraid it might happen again. You were NEVER an accident I was in love with your father Charles W. Jones for 14 years, we were about to be married so I thought it was ok to have unprotected sex, we were even living in our new house! Then one day he went to work and never came back. I WANTED YOU HONEY PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I’VE CRIED FOR YOU FOR 40 YEARS! You have two brothers that are Christians so you will meet us all. Mommy loves you and I can’t wait to hold you sweetie it won’t be long now Angel, Maybe your with Nana I know she made heaven too. See you soon love Mom.