I’m so sorry

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: 21st September 2019
Abortion Date: February 2019

My baby I’m so sorry! Your big brother needs all my care round the clock and I am so sorry I couldn’t keep you. You’d be 2 this week and I’m absolutely broken. My heart breaks every single day,there’s nothing I regret more than ending your life. I hope one day we’ll meet again and you can forgive mummy and daddy! I see your heart beating on that monitor everyday and I honestly wish my heart would hurry up and stop. I carry your scan pictures with me everywhere I go so your always with me. My little gummy bear,that’s what you looked like in your first scan,I am so sorry. I wish things were different but one day I will hold you in my arms again and be the mummy you deserved. I will never forget you. I will love you always xxx