Im so sorry

Author: My First Name

Im so sorry,
Im selfish, and its my fault. I never will know what you would have looked like, or what personality you may have had. Im sorry for putting you mum through this too. I dont think anyone actually realises that i care for you and always will. I wish i could be mentally stable, and i had the ability to be there for you. But right now i dont and it would be unfair on your innonence to be brought into a world with such a figure like myself as a role model and parent. Im only 17, still a child myself, and there is no way on this planet that i could provide you with the knowledge and expirences that you need to be taught. I hate myself for what i have done to you, and i hate they way I have effected youre mum. The only thing i can say now, is that in rememberance of you, i will try my best to get better, and become the person i should be to raise a child. Your mum is the strongest, most beautiful and inspiring person i will ever meet, i promised her that i would never hurt her and I have, i wish i could be someone better. But its not my fault right? I never asked to have this paralysing depression. I never asked to even be brought into this world. Ive always looked for a way out of it, and ive never truely appreciated the value of life. But i cant help it, i would if i could.

I guess that i just want you to know that i care for you, even if you hate me, i will still always think about you. Im a horrible person, I know.

I love you so much,