I’m so sorry

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Andy.
Birth Date: August 30th 2020
Abortion Date: January 22 2020

I’m writing again. I didn’t know your gender but I thought you where a boy, so I called you Andy in case you where a girl. I craved pickles those only short 7 or 8 weeks I was pregnant with you.

I found out on Christmas day I was pregnant. It was a shock to me and to your dad. Your dad couldn’t and wouldn’t help me. He kept telling me it was the best of a bad situation. My family and friends did too but but they wanted me to do what was best for me. I tried everything I could to keep you even taking a pill to reverse what happened, but it was to late. I wanted you. You would be due in August. If I was still pregnant, I would be 4 months and maybe everyone would have come around to the idea. Maybe your dad would of come around to the idea, or maybe they wouldn’t have. I tried to change your dads mind, but he was set in his ways and said it couldn’t be done because there was to many reasons it couldn’t work to have you.

But I wanted you, and you deserved better, and I will forever regret what I had to do. It never felt like it was my choice, because if I had really had a choice it would of been to have you with me and watch you grow…and for you to have been a family with me and your half sister. But I guess that will have to be in my dreams. I love you and I’m so forever sorry.