I’m Sorry

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: May 2014
Abortion Date: September 2013

I guess this sorta feels like its for me, but I want the world to know you existed. You must have been so tiny and your life was so short. I’m sorry I stole your opportunity to live and please don’t ever think I didn’t love you or care. I tried to ignore the feelings you stirred up in me but I felt your presence from the minute I knew you were inside me.

I will wish for different every single day. I feel empty inside like you should be here, like I made a terrible mistake. You would have just been a little bump, maybe I would have been showing by now, I would have been so proud to show you off to the world. Things were not easy when I decided to do what I did but sitting here now I can’t find a reason that justifies it. I wanna do something special for you, you seem so insignificant to others but to me you are everything.

You should have been my whole life, I was too selfish to give up my own life for yours. You were the innocent one and I will be sorry the rest of my life. I’m going to do something special for you soon and I hope that your dad could help me maybe? maybe I can make him understand my pain and how empty i feel when i think of you, im sure he loves you the best he can, Il love you forever wherever you are.