I’m sorry

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Baby Mathers Hall
Birth Date: 11/22

No words will ever express how sorry I am. I almost died this year and I now have a profound appreciation for the gift of life. I denied you that gift and I am forever sorry and broken. You would have been a blessing and loved like no other child before. I was scared and I wasn’t there for you. I was in a coma for almost 10 days, when I woke I knew that there were angels watching over me. I know you were one of those angels. You saved my life, when I denied you the gift of yours. I’m so so sorry and I pray that you forgive me. I was weak and afraid, but you would have given me strength. I have compartmentalized that time for many years. I will no longer do that, as I want to celebrate you and embrace you when that day comes. I’m sorry and I love you.