Innocence Lost

Author: Sheila
Birth Date: December 1986
Abortion Date: May 1986

Remembering that day in May – when i became corporate prey
On this unforgettable day – an innocent child was thrown away
last night as i lay in bed – i read the news here’s what it said
a camera caught this lady’s words – and in her words my stories heard

When i was just a teen – that was when I became mommy
soon the year was 86 and i found myself in a fix
eighteen single on my own – another one would soon come home
the other one now was two – i did not know what to do

did the baby have a soul – when was it considered whole
questions i had in leaps and bounds – but no answers could be found
My family said get rid of it – you do not need anymore kids
couldn’t make them understand – and i tried to take a stand

Family made the appointment you see – for me to ask about baby
she dropped me off at the door – smiled and waved as she turned the corner
i went inside just to see – what they knew about unborn babies
did it now have a soul – or if it was considered whole

i didn’t have long to wait – to see a counselor that decided my fate
nervous frightened that i was – what happened next forever judged
she gave me a cup, or so she said – just to take off the edge
i took what was inside – and she said this paper i had to sign

i signed the paper and i sighed – and asked her now what’s on my mind
she said my questions had to wait – the doctor was ready i would be late
i questioned why they felt the need – they had to examine me
i was told it is because – can’t answer questions until this is done

on the table there is no doubt – apprehension is what i felt
relax they said it’s just an exam – but that was not their true plan
first came the stabbing pain – in my privates parts i felt maimed
struggling next wanting to throw up – pain so intense i couldn’t get up

the nurse quickly came around, the table – and she held me down
she said don’t struggle its too late – the pill made you dilate
you may hemorrhage, you will bleed – until it’s done you cannot leave
Still i fought to get away – they strapped me down, held me at bay

it was probably better for me – then what happened to my baby
whatever it was they put in place – it felt worse than any rape.
i struggled but could not flee – from the machine put inside me
it moved around without a doubt – rape was what it was about

i felt it sucking my insides out – killing my child there was no doubt
the pain i felt must not have been – as bad for me as it was for him
i always felt it was a boy – he was to be mama’s joy
what came next you have to know – was the final crushing blows

24 weeks is all he said – in this day and age it could have lived
i was more than halfway through – this pregnancy it was true
there was nothing i could do – tears in my eyes what to do
the sent me out of their back door – said to rest for three or four

i walked out into the bright day – crying my body & heart filled with pain
no one was there waiting for me – no one at all to grieve with me
the person who left me had driven away – not telling me their plans that day
or their complicity with the entity – that took my baby from me

it seems that there was no intent – to answer questions it wasn’t legit
the appointment to which i was bade – was only to destroy what God had made
no one cared even to see – if someone was there when i was freed
not even change for a bus pass home – i sat there waiting all alone

all i wanted was to die – i felt culpable and cannot lie
suicide is what was on my mind – and on this day i did try
my conscience would not let this rest
guilt consumed me in excess

over twenty years have now passed – i still cry about the past
what was read just last night – brought perspective into the light
the director of the place i went – was caught on camera giving evidence
that the doctors they employed – would often try to fill the voids

women that were pregnant – were used for their evil intent
gestational age was what they need – they would take a woman’s seed
to fill the orders that were made – for body parts, tissue, or a leg,
a head, an eye, whatever, they paid – for their research, or as an aid

She said the doctors had a need – seeking out women to fulfill their greed
they would then tailor their deeds – to keep damage from the parts they need
if it felt like rape to me – what must it have felt like for my baby
safe and comfy in his home – suddenly they took his arm

the horror of what they have done – not just to me but to my son
came crashing down once again – how can they say its not a sin
upon my soul this has weighed – to rest my child must be laid
This confession the world must see – and know who it was that did this to me

If my telling can prevent, – another baby lost to evil intent
sisters don’t lose your soul – to that evil greedy troll
they do not care one whit – on your reluctance they will spit
Abortion is the only way – to fill the orders they have that day

held me down, wouldn’t let me up, – imagine yourself in my spot
they did not care a whit – the abortion they performed wasnt legit
the gestational age was too far,- still they put him in a jar
in my then naive innocent mind – i never read what i signed

until the evidence that i heard,- i have felt internally torn
knowing that it wasn’t right,- how would i express my plight?
a hypocrite for what was done,- i’m sure i’m not the only one
all these years it took to see – the innocence that was ripped from me

The world’s loss was their financial gain – no one should have to die this way
now i reveal all this day – and the name of the company that preyed
what was done can’t be undone – now, it’s too late for my son
Planned Parenthood was the one – the name is named – my story is done.