Ithought it would be easier

Author: Anonymous

At the 16 week check up they said you had a fatal condition and when you were born, you would suffocate. How cruel and heart wrenching for all. I thought it would be better to end it right away. How could I carry you knowing you would die, and probably in a terrible way? No one told me until I got to the clinic that what I was about to do to you was right up there with the ISIS. Barbaric, cruel, monsterous. They literally pulled you out, piece by piece, all the while telling me to be quiet. I will never get over it. You will never forgive me. .Please, anyone faced with this situation, don’t believe what they tell you. It will terrorize you for life. It is NOT easier. Let God take care of the way we die, not an abortionist, because you will never forgive yourself for the torture you inflict on your beloved child.