Kaitlyn Ann & Adam Charles

Author: Melissa
Baby Name: Kaitlyn Ann & Adam Charles
Abortion Date: November 27, 1990

My beautiful babies, I’m so very sorry for what I did. I was very troubled and fighting alcohol at the time. Your great grandmother told me she’d never allow a “half breed” into her house and your father told me he didn’t want the two of you and I’d never see a dime of support. But, I made the choice to have the abortion. I could have, and should have, stood up for all three of us (Obviously I knew I was carrying twins). With great regret, I didn’t.
Because of my alcohol problem, I had just signed custody papers of your two older sisters, Courtney and Ashley, to their father. Thanks be to God, they have both forgiven me for my foolishness. I hope you two have also. You have a younger brother, Lucas, as well.
All three of your siblings know about the two of you. I’ve been totally honest about all the mistakes I’ve made and my foolishness. At first, they were angry very angry with me for the abortion. But in time, they forgave me. Again, I hope the two of you have too.
I look forward to seeing you in heaven and seeing your beautiful faces as you run into my arms and we can give all the hugs, kisses, cuddles and bedtime stories we’ve missed and you welcome me home.
I love you, my babies. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.