Katie Renee

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Katie Renee
Birth Date: Feb 5 2014
Abortion Date: June 22 2013

My beautiful Katie, 2 days ago we would have celebrated your 2nd birthday. I laid in bed last night and wondered what theme we would have had for your party, that probably would have been today. I wish I was able to take you to the store and watched you look in wonder at all the beautiful colours and characters that you would be interested in for plates, cups and balloons. Life moves on each and everyday, but not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. Driving to and from work allows me time to think about you. I pray often that Jesus will continue to heal my heart. I know you are safe in his arms, but what I did was still so wrong. You should be safe in my arms. Running, playing, learning about Jesus at sunday school and driving me crazy, like your sisters do. You would have had a friend, with the same name as you right next door. A beautiful little girl who reminds me daily of you, and what could have been. I want you and everyone reading to know that Jesus is the most amazing healer. The great physician. He has healed my heart, to a place where I can think of you with out guilt. I feel sad sometimes, but I feel free too. I am able to be around babies and smile again. To bask in the smell of a newborn. To love on them and enjoy the beauty that is in that wonderful little being. Jesus is so good. I owe my all to him. I have been redeemed, and the chain of guilt has been broken. I am a daughter of the most high king. A king that calls me his, in spite of myself. The bible says my sins are forgotten. I am growing and learning and becoming a women of God that I never dreamed I would be. I love you Kate Renee. I will see you one day, in the arm of Jesus, as he embraces both of us, as mother and daughter.