Kristina, I’m so sorry

Author: Cassie
Baby Name: Kristina

They did an ultrasound to determine how old you were before you were aborted and you were six weeks old. You would have been born between October 23, 2011 and November 13, 2011. You might have shared a birthday with your uncle.

I am so sorry you never had a chance at being born and I will miss you always. I didn’t know how deeply I would feel your loss. I just know that it hurts that your uncle and aunt will never get to meet you. Your aunt is 15 months old and every time I look at her now, I think of you.

It hurts to know your mother will never get to meet you and all that she will go through as a result of her choice. One day, she will realize what she gave up and that she ended your life. One day, she will grieve and mourn for you and for her choice. I will be here for her on that day, just as I was there on the day you died. You are loved and remembered always.