Legacy of loss

Author: Kim
Abortion Date: 1959

Recently I learned that my mother aborted a child that would have been a year older than me. A brother or sister that I never had the opportunity to know or grow-up alongside. Although I am 55 years old, that makes me sad. Sad to know that I had a sibling that never survived. Maybe somewhat shocked because my parents were unmarried when I was conceived just a year later, and I think about how easily that could have been me. Sad because it was the beginning of a legacy of loss from abortion – as later my sister had a number of abortions & my brother’s girlfriend also chose to abort a child. My own daughter was only spared by the grace of God, as someone intervened just as I was entering a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, intending to end her life. That abortion my own mother offered to pay for. Now I see the long, painful history of abortions in our family and understand when & where they began. The sibling and nieces and nephews lost to this cruel choice will be forever missed. I thank God for breaking the chains of this destructive legacy, and look forward to meeting each of these precious souls in Heaven one day!