A Letter To My Son

Author: Tom

Dear Andrew Thomas,
I have been waiting for this day for over 30 years,please forgive me for my abandonment of you.But more importantly the murder and pain I caused in your death.I am deeply sorry.Please forgive your mother also,she was a beautiful women and I did love her.I was not a good husband.The abuse in my childhood caused much pain in my marriage to her,rightfully so,she divorced me.What women wouldn’t.I think you would like me now,I am trying to be a more gentle man,really trying hard. God has healed my past hurts and gifted me with a wonderful new wife and family.All of us love you dearly.I will make sure they get to know about you more.You will never be forgotten again.Please pray for me,sometimes I become tired and weak.As a father I have a lot of work to do to break this cycle of abuse.Our family lives and serves the Lord.The world is very evil now,sometimes I think you are better off.We are killing millions of babies every year,and I fear God’s wrath.I pray for healing for our nation,but until we stop the killing,hope is almost lost.We’ll continue to work hard in the pro-life movement.Andrew Thomas Kuehn,revealed to me on 1-7-2012.Forever safe in the arms of the Lord. ……Love Dad