Little Girl, a Soldier in a War She Never Knew

Author: Danielle
Birth Date: July 2007
Abortion Date: December 2006

My baby would be seven years old today had I’d been less selfish and there had been forced to get educated about my choices. I operated under the understanding that because I was young, no college, and still living at home that this child was better off dead than to have me as a mother. Id I’m being completely honest, it was the easy way out rather than being forced to grow up and straighten my life out for the sake of another person. Who would I have been and what accomplishments would I have seen had I’d traveled the harder, but worthwhile, road of single parenthood? I’ll never know. What I can’t reconcile within myself is just how much I love children–I’m a teacher for goodness sake–and yet I still chose to end a life without any regard for the person that child is. It strikes me that if a clearer picture were painted, I might be called a sociopath for the lack of care I showed. I will live the rest of my life regretting my decision, wondering who my child would have been, and facing the consequences for my actions when I meet God.

I imagine that my baby was a girl with curly brown hair. A pistol, like her mother, but with a big heart.

Without breathing a single breath she taught me to wake up and stop running through life aimlessly and without thought. She is the unfortunate proof that abortion is not a personal choice the mother makes so that her world might be better, but rather a selfish one that condemns an innocent life for actions that weren’t their own. I will spend the rest of my days fighting for education for pregnant mothers so that they know that choosing life isn’t also choosing a bad life. This will be my little girl’s legacy in my life. Her death will not be in vein.

I will do better. We all will do better. We have to. There are too many little lives at stake. I want all of you parents struggling with this decision to know that there is life after abortion. We can help others learn from our mistakes and advocate for better education in our communities. By remaining silent you are also allowing this to happen. Make it your mission to tell your story and help others, for there is redemption to be had.