Little one

Author: Clara
Baby Name: Georgie
Birth Date: July 2014
Abortion Date: November 13

Hello little one, so it’s been a year since I was pregnant with you. God. An entire year, how life has changed. This year has been my unluckiest and I can’t help but think that it’s punishment for not defending you. Me and your daddy aren’t together anymore, we were so young, 19 and at uni, minus -1000 pounds between us. I miss you and I miss your daddy and as unrealistic as I know it was, I can’t help but imagine what my life would be like with you. I hope you know that you were made with so much love. Your daddy was my first love and I was his and even now, I love him as a person and I have no doubt that you’d be a beautiful lovely intelligent person. I wish I had got to know you. I can’t help but think of you and think of the feeling I had this time a year ago. Intact this very minute I was loosing you. Though sometimes I regret leaving you, and I will always feel guilty about it and always wonder what if, but know that we made the decision we did because we couldn’t give you the life you deserved to have. We couldn’t give you a life. Know that you are still are baby and always will be. You’ve taught me so much without even being here. I miss you forever and I hope somehow someday I get to see you. I hope grandad and grandma and oli are keeping you safe, and I can’t wait to meet you one day, know that i love you. And when it’s our time to meet, somehow we will. All my love, mummy. Xoxoxo