Little Sister

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: 2008

God gave me a precious gift when your brother was only 6 weeks old. It was you. Unlike material gifts that you can take back to the store if it’s not what you think you need, the gift of life is not to be taken back, although that’s exactly what I did. I never even gave myself a chance to keep you. The second I found out I we pregnant, I picked up the phone like a robot and made that call. I had to wait 2 more weeks before that day. I was a robot up until that day, not giving myself a chance to feel any emotion. I was overwhelmed with a brand new son, and was so weak. I am so so so so sorry every single day. I keep up with your age. When I imagine you, you are a beautiful little girl. I picture you smiling in my back seat when I look in my rear view mirror. I want you so bad now. It’s been 7 years and I think of you everyday. I stole you from my son. He is an only child, and had so many problems adjusting at school. I know it’s because he was meant to grow up with you. He needs you as much as I do. I will never get over you. I will grieve for you until the day I die. Aborting you had been the biggest mistake of my life and I know if you were here my life would be so much better, and at the time I thought it would be worse. What a ridiculous way to think. I’m sorry to you. I’m so sorry Lord for rejecting your precious gift. I will be forever regretful. I will never be at peace with what I did, but I will try my best to prevent another woman to make this same mistake. People say its a woman’s right and a woman’s choice. Oh how I wish I could have been saved from my own choice. I love who you never got to be.