Lost and Found

Author: Anonymous

The year was 1976 I think, and my girlfriend and I were playing love. I was 17 and she 16 and she got pregnant; while considering our options (I was naively considering trying to make a go at raising this child even though we didn’t really know how to love), her mom discovered our secret. Her mom being a nurse and seeing that we couldn’t raise a child, rushed her daughter off to an abortion mill and terminated the child’s life.

I am so sorry that we didn’t let you live your life little one; very sorry…

Fast forward 35 plus years and I find out that my mom was raped on a date that ended in my mom getting pregnant… With me. Thank God she didn’t pursue the same idiotic choice we had opted for. My mom chose LIFE over convenience, and in the ’50s being unwed and pregnant was a stigma that would frighten anyone. My dad stepped up to the plate, married mom, and gave her the chance of giving life for her son, ME! I have since met the love of my life and 35 years later we have 2 great children that have grown into fine young adults themselves.

If you’re reading this and considering abortion, please look at all of the options available to you, someone wants to raise your little baby with more love than you can ever imagine.