Love letter to my aborted sibling

Author: Jamie
Abortion Date: 1975???

To my sibling,

You were taken from our lives. You have been on my mind lately. I keep feeling you were my brother for some reason. I never realized how much you not being a part of my life has impacted me till i got right with god and jesus. You would have been the oldest child, how i wish you would have could have been there. I would have loved you and loved to have a relationship with you. You have me your sister and a younger brother that just got married. Please forgive mom and dad for what they did i have it does not make the grief any better i feel a loss with you not being part of my life it breaks my heart. Jesus makes it better in knowing him i will one day be with you again. I truly wish your life was not cut off we could have played together laughed shared stories and be a part of each others lives. Just always know your sister grieves for you and i love you. I am crying as i write this to you. I cannot wait to hug you and hold you. I tell all people that i know not to get abortions there are other options. Until we meet again my sweet sibling know that you are in my heart. Please give jesus a hug for me i know you are safe with him.

Love always and forever
Your sister