Love you forever Matthew

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Matthew Gorman
Birth Date: March 2002
Abortion Date: July 30, 2001

Matthew I am so sorry we are in this situation. I was in love, and your dad told me right off the bat to “get rid of it” and we were not having a baby. Abortion shot out of his mouth, even though it was my body and should have been my choice. He bullied me, coerced me, blamed me, lied to me- whatever it would take to break me down. He said we had to do this “the right way” and to give him 5 years. He promised. I lost you and he broke his promises to me.

I should have known and kept you. I didn’t want you to have a life without a father. I know how much that hurts…
I hope he knows what he did to us – the pain he caused me and you not even getting a chance in this life.

I’ll love you forever.