Mason/Shelby age 11

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: 20th July 2012

My mason, or my shelby. Mad to think you would have been 11 by now. Wow 11, had your own friends, had your own hobbies and had family who would have spoilt you so much. Again, today of all days i feel worthless even more, all year round your in mind and heart, but today is the one day i allow myself to not fight feeling the way i do, but to allow myself to hurt anyway i want to. Probably just to ease my guilt in what happened to you by choices made. I cant wait to feel your hug, touch your little hands, have banter with you and watch you grow older, till the day we meet once again, remember im left broken without you, not complete, but soon i will see you again. And i wait for that day…till then ill love you always. Dad x