May 15, I’ll never forget

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Chloe Jean
Birth Date: May 15 2015
Abortion Date: October 2014

As may 15 gets closer the numbness I originally felt to all feelings and the world around me is going away. The closer your due date gets the harder everything gets and the more the regret and heartbreak comes out. I never got it confirmed but I just knew you were a girl, the same way I just knew I was pregnant with you at a short 2 weeks pregnant. Chloe Jean was what your name was supposed to be, and what i know you as. I would do anything to rewind time and take that horrible decision back. To tell your dad we would make it work and to tell everyone else the same thing. I know I am young but I would do anything to just feel you growing in my belly, to feel you kick. And I would do anything to be able to hold you in my arms in a month in a half when you should be welcomed into this world and to watch you grow and laugh and learn. I Have missed you everyday and I wish I could take it all back. I love you Chloe Jean and I’ll see you one day. I’m so sorry.