May you always be in my heart

Author: Lauren
Birth Date: January 2015
Abortion Date: May 2014

May 31st, 2014 was the day of the abortion, I was 19 at the time living with my boyfriend in the summer time, it was the first time we lived together and the second day i moved in i found out i was pregnant. I vividly remember going into the clinic and those times still haunt me. Every day I struggle carrying on my everyday life because my mind is too occupied and grieving for the loss of my child. I was 6 weeks pregnant and the due date would have been on our anniversary, Jan. 26th. That day will be forever in my mind and heart. I still cry to this day thinking about what live could’ve been but it would have been selfish to bring you into the world without enough experience, money, things to provide you. I miss you everyday and i will remember this my entire life. I cry as i write this, not knowing how to express my love in words and wanting to be able to see you. It was for the best, see you in heaven.

XO, love always,