In memory of the twin grandbabies I will never hold- I named them CarMichael & CarMelita

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: CarMichael & CarMelita
Birth Date: August 22, 2014
Abortion Date: January 22, 2014

I was over joyed the day I found out you existed little ones (I imagine you are twins) and so broken hearted the day you were reborn in Heaven. In my dreams I pictured you two like the babies in the picture, on the day you left, I see you holding hands as Jesus with a tear rolling down his cheek & hands held out to welcome you back home.

I wanted to see your face, I wanted to hold you in my arms. I wanted to love you.

I looked forward to meeting you all my life. I believe God saw my pain as I watched other mothers cuddle with their babies, so God found a way to make me a mama despite that I couldn’t have a child own my own, he sent me your daddy when he was 7 years old, because his mommy didn’t want him after his granny went to be with Jesus. So you see God used evil for God, and found this away to make me mama and a grandma too! Daddy, Papa and I tried to encourage mommy, we know she was scared and confused, and shouldn’t be allowed to make such a horrible decision in that emotional state. We don’t understand little ones why mommy and the world thought we should have no choice.

We truly love you.