I miss you baby Parker

Author: Nathan
Baby Name: Parker
Birth Date: June 2012
Abortion Date: December 2011

Your mom and I met in our sophmore year in high school. We started dating in November and we loved each other so much that nothing could split us apart. You were made a couple of days after my birthday. Your mom and I sorta knew right then that there was a good chance you were going to come along. When she found out we were both super happy. After a couple of months I started to worry but your mom helped me calm down. When we told your grandparents, they were really mad and told me to tell your mom to hurt you. That was the worst mistake of my life. I had to force it on her when I didn’t want to. I wished I said no..but now its two years later and I’m finailly realizing what I did at 19. Your mommy left me and we don’t talk a lot..I pray to you a lot. I miss you so much and so does your mom. We both love you baby Parker.