Miss you more than words can say…

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Brian Gregory
Birth Date: Oct 1976
Abortion Date: 03/23/1976

My sweet baby, your life ended 40 years ago today. My heart still aches and grieves over the fateful choice I made. I miss you more than words can say. I shut my eyes, and breathe. I can smell your baby smell, and feel you cradled in my arms. In the echoes of my mind I hear your laughter as you play, throw a ball, and ride a bike. “Tag! You’re It!” Look at those muddy shoes! Wash your hands before supper!

Time for your first day of school! Don’t worry; you’ll make lots of friends! I’ll have chocolate chip cookies for you when you come home! Back to school nights, PTA, grade cards and spelling bees, and you are off to Jr. then Sr. high. Sports, music, what did I miss? High school dances, driver’s ed. Graduating already?

Whatever happened to bedtime prayers and story time? “Hey Mom! Look what I can do!” Gone are the days of peanut butter and jelly smudged kisses, dirty faces and toothless grins. No more shoes and clothes scattered on the floor, toys dragged from room to room, muddy footprints tracked through the house and fingerprints on the walls. Where did the time go?

Your bicycle sits tucked away now in the corner of the garage collecting dust and cobwebs, tires now flat. Your skateboard is propped up in the corner, ball glove stored in a bin; the football needs pumped up.

But look at you now! My, what a fine young man you’ve become, tall and handsome! College, and married, a nice job, house of your own and your own kids. Grandkids? I’ll never know. What did it feel like to hug you, and feel you hug me back? If I close my eyes and think of you, I can feel you near me. Can you feel my love for you?

Oh my sweet child, wait for me. I’ll come to you. I’ll hold you in heaven.

I love you,