Missing brothers or sisters, but I survived and was successful!

Author: Chris

My mom was naive and pressured to have abortions, and eventually made a stand and refused. I was born. I grew up poor, on welfare without a father as my mom danced, but I was encouraged to love reading. I worked hard in school, earning scholarships, a degree, and my commission as an officer. A disabled vet, I served my country, and continue to do so in the DoD.

I was lonely at times, knowing I had brothers or sisters who were murdered- it was described to me (and I have since seen pictures of what babies look like in the womb). It is a brutal and evil thing. I was treated poorly by family who didn’t want me for the longest time, as my mom spent time in institutions from the abuses she suffered, but I rose above that and many other difficult challenges to build and live a successful life, and am happily married and we have a wonderful daughter, and I worked my way up to a 6-figure salary by my late 20s. It was rough, but I thank God I was spared, and was able to live so that I might find happiness on earth and encourage others to spare their babies and give them a chance to build a better life, as I did. I wonder what my brothers or sisters would have accomplished… You might not have much now, but it’s something- it’s enough- and your child deserves a chance to learn, grow, and build a happy life for themselves, regardless of your choices. Please give them a chance to rise above your past!