Mommys Blessing

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Melanie
Birth Date: March 2015
Abortion Date: July 2014

I Was Told That A Long Time Ago That I Would Not Concive A Child , So Every Hope I Ever Had Vanished . I Truly Met The Love Of My Life I Was A Senior In Highschool , College In A Few Months Life Felt Perfect . I Didn’t Find Out Till I Was 7 weeks In I Was Always Feeling Nausea And Cramped and hungry and craving and gaining weight but then again I was a teenage girl that all seemed natural to me . But once I missed my period I knew exactly what was wrong . When I found out that was probably the best and worst moment of my life sitting in that doctors room looking at the ultrasound seeing the heartbeat I swore it was a girl I didn’t know the gender because the pregnancy was too early but I just felt it I dreamed about it . Even though me and the baby’s father were not on speaking terms at the time he came back and was with me and the most important thing for me that he said is “what are we doing & what do YOU want to do ” he said that this was the first time he was happy about having a child of course he said boy and for a while it all seem sureal that I was keeping this baby and we were starting a family but then I honestly thought two kids going to different school barley started there lives we weren’t ready no jobs no house and I refuse to bring my child into a world where I can’t take care of them and give them the childhood I never had so I not only made the choice in giving up my unborn child but I gave up a piece of my heart out of the love I had for her I loved her so much to the point that no matter how much I wanted her she would not let her suffer with me I would not allow it for her to have to struggle I did it for my now again boyfriend he deserves to live his life before we can take on another I thank god for the baby I thought I could never have and I pray that when he does decide to bless me again that I will be ready . Mommy and daddy loves you so much Melanie more than words