My Amani

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Amani
Birth Date: January 2016
Abortion Date: June 2015

My lovely. We didn’t get to know if you were a boy or girl but as usual, my Mexican superstitious methods said you were going to be a girl. Daddy and I named you Amani because you were our wish but at the wrong time. He wanted to pick a islamic name because I am pretty sure you would of been raised with your fathers religion thanks to your grandparents. We love you so much and we are so sorry. We feel really selfish for our actions and now we grieve everyday because of it. You are always on our mind. I always wonder if what you are doing up in heaven and if you are driving my grandma crazy or his. Daddy prayed for you every day my love, for you to be safe and healthy in heaven and to forgive us. We cant wait until we get to be with you one day and show you how much we do love you. We will never forget you. You will always be our baby girl that we love so much and wish we were able to keep. But right now daddy and mommy life is really complicated and we couldn’t give you a happy home. But we will be a happy family one day when we join you in heaven and we will never let you go again. We love you too much. I miss you. Please forgive us. Love you, Mommy.