My angel

Author: Ally
Baby Name: Tyler

My small innocent bump
Which I killed from inside
This haunts me every night
It’s my fault that you died

The mistake I made
Makes me so damn mad
The pain of letting you go
Hurts me so bad

You didn’t deserve this
It wasent at all fair
I wish I could take my own life
And cuddle you up there

I look down at my belly
And wish it wasent true
The day I committed murder
The day I killed you

It makes me feel guilt
And like a sick person too
We didn’t even get to meet
Yet I love and miss you

You never got to see the life
That everyone else could
If I could take back that day
Trust me like, I would

I wouldn’t of taken those pills
I wouldent of let you go
I would of brought u into life
An watch you breath an grow

but I did let you go
And I did let you die
Every day I live in regret
Always askin myself ‘why’

Sometimes I here a baby cry
But I know it’s all in my head
This pain is just horrible,Would I be happier with you dead?

I know it’s hurting you baby
It’s hurting me aswell
But I’ll get what I deserve
I hope I rot in hell

I imagine holding you tight
Watching you grow up an play
Then knock back in reality
And those dreams fade away

I’ll never ever forgive myself
This pain I deserve maybe.
But for the rest of my life
I’ll know I’m the mother of a dead baby