My angel

Author: Georgie
Birth Date: 17th September 2015
Abortion Date: 1 April 2015

To my precious angel,
I’m so sorry for letting you go so young and innocent but I know it was for the best for the both of us. I wouldn’t have been able to give you the life that you deserved; a life full of happiness and love. I was young, frightened and confused. I never got to feel your kicks, hear your heartbeat or have your little hand grasp around my finger. You could’ve been a few days old by now and making all the family fall in love with you with your little cuteness! I’m really sorry and there is never a day that passes where I don’t think about you, think about my little baby. You will always be my first and will never be forgotten. I love you so so much my little angel. I hope you understand and I can’t wait to meet you up there. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Mummy xxx