My Angel

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: September 1990
Abortion Date: January 1990

My Little Angel,
I am so sorry for what I done. I know now I was so wrong. I was young and dumb. I thought I was in a loving relationship. But when I told your father I was pregnant, he insisted on aborting you. For some reason I always felt you were a little girl. But we will never know. I let your father pressure me into the abortion. I remember that day so well even though it was 26 years ago.
Lying on that table, crying and sobbing. The cold hearted nurse told me to stop crying that I would upset the other women. I felt as if my heart was being ripped out of my chest and no one cared.
I felt so empty and alone after the procedure was done. I cried and asked myself how I could do such a thing. Years went by and I convinced myself it was for the best. But the best for who???
I know it in my heart you are safe and sound in the arms of Jesus and you are my Little Angel above. But I wonder what you would be like today. I loved you so dearly and till I take my last breath you will always be my Angel Girl.
The resentment I had for your father tore us apart. But know that you have a Mom that thinks of you a lot. You also have a Big Sister, A Big Brother and a Baby Brother. 7 nieces and nephews.

Love you my Little Angel