My Angel Babies

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: not named
Birth Date: unknown
Abortion Date: unknown

My middle daughter had three abortions. My son’s girlfriend had an abortion while pregnant with twins. My heart grieves heavily when I think about the loss of these precious children from our lives. My family is already very small, no thanks to the Nazis. Why perpetuate these cruelties on following generations?

I have a confession: I USED to be pro-choice. I didn’t view it as murder but as a woman’s right to decide whether or not she carries a child to term. Now? Well, I’ve become very conservative in all my beliefs, and I realize that ending the life of a pre-born is not a choice for the baby and it IS murder.

I can only hope that my angel babies are in the arms of some loving soul, and that the best thing that I can do for myself and those without voices is to speak up for them in their defense. I’m so so so sorry.