My Baby

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Adam or Sarah
Birth Date: Nov. 22, 1973
Abortion Date: 4/22/73

Dear Precious Child,

The decision to abort you was the most awful thing I could have done. Not a day goes by that I do not regret it. I am so sorry that I wasn’t strong enough to stand up to your father and refuse to do it. We were married, I was 24 and the only one working. I was wrong to abort you. I have asked Jesus to forgive me for taking your life and he has. I still regret that decision and always will.

You would be 46 years old.

I did not stay married to your father. I have never had a child but God let me be a Mom because he let me adopt two sons from different birth mothers. We will meet in heaven and I hope you can forgive me for depriving you of life.

I love you so much. You would have been a precious blessing from God but I was too silly to know it.

Love, Mom