my baby

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Rixongile/Ntsakiso
Birth Date: 10/14 April 2023
Abortion Date: 7 september 2022

i’m so empty, angry that i can’t take back time… angry that i didn’t choose for you to live, i took away an innocent soul a life that deserved to live as much as i am living right now.. i am numb to feelings sorely because i wanted you so much my baby but yet i was capable of such a horrific selfish act… i am so angry that i couldn’t afford to give you the life you deserved my angel that was too fragile too young to grow wings… how i wished things turned out differently , that i had the support of my family… i miss you making me sick every single day i miss brushing my tummy , telling you we’d be okay and how much i love you… well it seemed i lied when i told you i’d always protect you… i had a name for you but i was stupid not to be strong enough for you not to protect you and seek validation from other people…. i knew i wanted you the challenge was how would i be able to keep you i am so sorry… i remember the regret i felt and how i wanted to reverse everything.. i prayed that night for you to take me with i love you so much